Work in progress, first showing December 18th, Gallery Nano, Gajeva 26, Zagreb

Robotic installation

concept: Maja Kalogera & M:Fused
mechanotronics: Ivan Golubic
programming: Ivan Golubic, Maja Kalogera

The H:U:G: Project demonstrates an array of sensory experience, and explores the diverse range of our ‘senses’ of touch through robotic and performative installation. This projects deals with the intertwined notions of human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions. Installation itself is a wall 4 meters long, and 2 meters high. The wall, wrapped in textile texture, curved at its frontal surface, hides robotic construction at the back. Two pairs of the ‘sleeves’ are positioned at the front. There are robotic arms in one pair. Second pair is a wrap for the performer’s arms. Types of the interactions depend on the AI algorithm and performer’s will. Concept relies on the strength and importance of the touch and hug.