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Talking with C.C. about Climate Change

slow progress here: some grant would be helpful to advance faster…

Humidity / Chelsea Flower Show

It was very, very humid in Orchids Pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show! Can you feel it?  

Under the Sea / Air on a G String

World has gone crazy, have a few relaxing moments! . . . . Actionscript from 2001 finally transferred to Javascript

Color Therapy #2

Color Therapy

Current state of affairs

post covid, post earthquake, and all that at the same time…


Motion sickness

Part of the group exhibition /’fŭ:bar/ Glitch Art Festival 2020

And I lie, and I lie, and I lie

Work in progress, mixing art and documentary //as technology becomes more integrated in our lives, no less, they get better, no worse, at what keeps us in front…

RG Generator V2

I will write more about this process of making new AI RG on the page of the first one I want them to be together. But not…

Walking in latent space

So happy here:

Texting, texting, testing…

well, … aquarelle, btw

My lost friends

Trembling Earthquakes in Zagreb, near Zagreb, around Zagreb, since March 2020, new bad series again from 29.12.2020. …going mental… every tram pass on the street shakes the building…

AR scavenger escape game

more soon…

The Lake House, ML project

Generated images by AttnGAN network on the sujet of Lake House movie from 2006 Pytorch implementation of Pretrained model used: coco_AttnGAN2.pth The story centers on an…


Patience, patience, patience…  

Weirdo You need to read titles from those windows, to get what is this about!

ML Selfies

I love experimenting with weird selfies, the weirder the better. And what to say about AI made ones… Implementation of:

Dreaming in Giverny

From Monet’s augmented brush strokes to walks near the pond…

Watching TV in Paris, new paintings

With M:Fused # 41 detail, acrylic on paper, 150 x 200 cm, 2018   # 36 detail, oil on canvas, 145 x 190 cm, 2018

After Miro

2017, with M:Fused


I am offline from two to four days a week. I do not have cell phone, except when I travel abroad. For that, I have Orange UK, France,…

Is your glass half full or half empty?

This can be seen as people’s take on the current state of the world! Is it all depressing, or possibly clear and sunny? It gets input from groups…

You are so not from my movie

My list of 450 favorite movies.    It took me three years to finish this project. And yes, it involved re-watching of previously seen…

My most expensive possession

I own the room in Dubai. No, I own whole Dubai. Yes, it is only at website, but still…I can receive or kick out guests, lock the…


Print, size variable Sound    

Keep the web weird


Glitch impressionism

Color blocks

Work in progress, currently approx. 3 x 3 m

White painting


The ugliest selfies ever

This is just an intro for a work in progress. I have published it more like a reminder to myself to finish the project. Currently I have been…

Accessible Happiness

Dear Claude Digital animation, 1 min 13 secs,  at Digital Facade of Museum of Contemporary Arts Zagreb, during Animafest, June 2015  

The way I see the world out of my room 2012 commission // //something went wrong with their archive, so here you can see a preview// // //no, i need to fix that preview too //

In between

  … hanging, between digital and analog …

Too much of everything

like, really…

New landscapes II

Zagreb-Dubai RTC Performance

    Web RTC + AR performance, with Martina Mezak, at ISEA 2014 Location, Dubai, UAR

Short paintings

Series of few dosens of cca 15 secs long moving paintings, some inspired by Joan Snyder work:  

JS Landscape

    Part of the S:A:S series, based on Joan Snyder’s landscape…

Searching for Michelle 2012 commission Searching-for-Michelle-NT2.pdf      

Roof stripes

Postcards from Florida This photo is actually from Aram Bartholl’s work, which was made during ACA Residency #155. Blog describes happiness of being there.

Four seasons

I have got a world This piece is PC only, downloadable .exe file (clean:). You can have a part of Internet with you, forever, offline. Enjoy!

Moodish Pictures made mainly in flash, part of the the bigger series  ‘Is this a picture’?’ which extensively uses java applets, but alas, nowadays that is no so welcome…

Do I know you?

M & the hill

M & the hill –origamibotic installation,Origamitronica exhibition at Device Art, Zagreb, 2012. This project deals with the notions of time, patience and never-ending hope. Using the motors, arduino…

Ground of my Studio

Sea of people

Sea of People – interactive installation, kinect; solo exhibition at Gallery Greta, Zagreb, June 2012 It was displayed at the gallery window at the street level. Passers-by were…

Blue bath Public Bath is installation with performance which stresses the relationships and differences between public and private spaces. Public Bath consists of four groups of elements: announcements…

Friendship as conceptual landscape

Friendship as Conceptual Landscape – ambient installation with sound application, based on Choir API Solo exhibition at POGON Jedinstvo, Zagreb, October 2013 Solo exhibition at Gallery Simulaker, Novo…

H:U:G Project

Work in progress, first showing December 18th, Gallery Nano, Gajeva 26, Zagreb Robotic installation concept: Maja Kalogera & M:Fused mechanotronics: Ivan Golubic programming: Ivan Golubic, Maja Kalogera The H:U:G:…

Too lazy to draw

Robotic installation: diy arm with 3 servo motors, kinect sensor, computer Too Lazy to Draw – installation, kinect, arduino, processing. Group exhibition ‘Hack me, Make me’, Gallery SC,…