Maja Kalogera is an artist, curator and community catalyst who consistently places herself at the convergence of art and technology. Born in Zagreb, she holds B.F.A. from School of Applied and Visual arts, Zagreb and M.Arch.from Architecture University, Zagreb. From 1999 she is member of the online collective Her creative work over the past 15 years has spanned over  wide range of mediums including, digital and interactive media, photography, painting, video and film. In 2005, she founded Center for synergy of digital and visual arts, a Zagreb based NGO, that provides her unique approach focused on synergy between traditional art media with new, digital media. In her own artwork she is interested in how people participate in physical and virtual spaces. This has led to many digital tools and interactive projects such as “Ground of My Studio”, “Accessible Happiness”, “Is this a picture?”, “Rothko Generator”, “Blue Bath”, “Searching for Michelle”, “H:U:G Project”. She is recipient of Vocento ARCO Art Fair prize, grant, Black Rock Arts Foundation grant, Henry Moore Foundation award. In 2005 she was Eyebeam alumni. Her piece Searching for Michelle is in Rose Golden Archive. Currently she participates in the Generative Unfoldings exhibition at MIT Boston ( and continues her research on AI.

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