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I have got a world This piece is PC only, downloadable .exe file (clean:). You can have a part of Internet with you, forever, offline. Enjoy!

Moodish Pictures made mainly in flash, part of the the bigger series  ‘Is this a picture’?’ which extensively uses java applets, but alas, nowadays that is no so welcome…

Do I know you?

M & the hill

M & the hill –origamibotic installation,Origamitronica exhibition at Device Art, Zagreb, 2012. This project deals with the notions of time, patience and never-ending hope. Using the motors, arduino…

Ground of my Studio

Sea of people

Sea of People – interactive installation, kinect; solo exhibition at Gallery Greta, Zagreb, June 2012 It was displayed at the gallery window at the street level. Passers-by were…

Blue bath Public Bath is installation with performance which stresses the relationships and differences between public and private spaces. Public Bath consists of four groups of elements: announcements…

Friendship as conceptual landscape

Friendship as Conceptual Landscape – ambient installation with sound application, based on Choir API Solo exhibition at POGON Jedinstvo, Zagreb, October 2013 Solo exhibition at Gallery Simulaker, Novo…

H:U:G Project

Work in progress, first showing December 18th, Gallery Nano, Gajeva 26, Zagreb Robotic installation concept: Maja Kalogera & M:Fused mechanotronics: Ivan Golubic programming: Ivan Golubic, Maja Kalogera The H:U:G:…

Too lazy to draw

Robotic installation: diy arm with 3 servo motors, kinect sensor, computer Too Lazy to Draw – installation, kinect, arduino, processing. Group exhibition ‘Hack me, Make me’, Gallery SC,…

Le voyage imaginaire

PORTRAIT OF THE INTERNET AS EVER-EXPANDING LANDSCAPE, java voxel applet by anfy, 2000, and thanx to great guys at soon visible from their remote browser

Billboard in Richmond

Jules et Jim

Watching TV in Paris Few months ago I took a deeper research of constructing the variety of digital brushes, which play with material, lights, depth and angles. Then while VJing at…

Winter months

Life is better in board shorts



Rothko Generator Project

Rothko Generator Project – solo show at Gallery SC, Zagreb, 2007 Rothko generator – # untitled till infinity is software/installation which deals with the proliferation, overload and recycling…

Swamp emergency kit

Angry? No, not at all



For Morris Louis //just fun, made with Flash 5, if that means anything to you – no movie import at that time, but few tricks and Flash did it//


AV installation here: Sound only:

Green Painting

Sound only:

My Center of the World

Java visualizations, from the project My Center of the World, downloadable from links below: Win Mac Linux

Street window for Shadow Casters

Visual comments on disfunctions in Croatian capital and society in general. E.g. on average, one Croatian citizen buys one book per year and 100 kg of bread. Four…