AI Self-portrait, almost

  Made with Stable Diffusion and Deforum, 2022-2023


On My Terrain

This work evokes my very first net art project, Le voyage imaginaire, made with Java voxel applet, where mouse motions were leading the viewer into the morphing landscape….

AV Book

Accessible happiness in a book

Is your glass half full or half empty?

This can be seen as people’s take on the current state of the world! Is it all depressing, or possibly clear and sunny? It gets input from groups…

You are so not from my movie

My list of 450 favorite movies.    It took me three years to finish this project. And yes, it involved re-watching of previously seen…

My most expensive possession

I own the room in Dubai. No, I own whole Dubai. Yes, it is only at website, but still…I can receive or kick out guests, lock the…

The ugliest selfies ever

This is just an intro for a work in progress. I have published it more like a reminder to myself to finish the project. Currently I have been…

Accessible Happiness

The way I see the world out of my room 2012 commission // //something went wrong with their archive, so here you can see a preview// // //no, i need to fix that preview too //

Zagreb-Dubai RTC Performance

    Web RTC + AR performance, with Martina Mezak, at ISEA 2014 Location, Dubai, UAR

Searching for Michelle 2012 commission Searching-for-Michelle-NT2.pdf      

Four seasons

I have got a world This piece is PC only, downloadable .exe file (clean:). You can have a part of Internet with you, forever, offline. Enjoy!

Moodish Pictures made mainly in flash, part of the the bigger series  ‘Is this a picture’?’ which extensively uses java applets, but alas, nowadays that is no so welcome…

Le voyage imaginaire

PORTRAIT OF THE INTERNET AS EVER-EXPANDING LANDSCAPE, java voxel applet by anfy, 2000, and thanx to great guys at soon visible from their remote browser

Jules et Jim





AV installation here: Sound only: