Category: Animation

Motion sickness

Part of the group exhibition /’fŭ:bar/ Glitch Art Festival 2020


Patience, patience, patience…  

On My Terrain

This work evokes my very first net art project, Le voyage imaginaire, made with Java voxel applet, where mouse motions were leading the viewer into the morphing landscape….

AV Book

Accessible happiness in a book

Glitch impressionism

White painting


Dear Claude Digital animation, 1 min 13 secs,  at Digital Facade of Museum of Contemporary Arts Zagreb, during Animafest, June 2015  

Four seasons

Ground of my Studio

Le voyage imaginaire

PORTRAIT OF THE INTERNET AS EVER-EXPANDING LANDSCAPE, java voxel applet by anfy, 2000, and thanx to great guys at soon visible from their remote browser

Winter months

Angry? No, not at all

For Morris Louis //just fun, made with Flash 5, if that means anything to you – no movie import at that time, but few tricks and Flash did it//