I am offline from two to four days a week. I do not have cell phone, except when I travel abroad. For that, I have Orange UK, France, Germany and Spain SIM cards and borrowed phone from my daughter. I am the last standing member of Artists without cell phones group. This pic http://wowm.org/maya/archives/349 proves it, as only person without phone on forehead am I.
In 2009, when we went to Wintercamp in Amsterdam, organised by Geert Lovink, I met guys from many networks, so i subscribed to their mailing lists. On one of those lists, founding member of Floss Manuals said: I am going offline for two weeks. Then, that was much. Maybe even it was even four weeks, I do not remember. Since then, every now and then, I am trying to do so. My personal record is six weeks, back in 2014. But going offline for a week or two is now regular praxis for me. Yes, it piles. Yes, I miss things, events, etc. But, hey, I survive, I can. So that is kind of my artwork in pure Joseph Beuys life-living-style. Just recently, I saw on Youtube interview with Addie Wagenknecht from Haus of electronic something in Basel. She is one of my fav artist in the field. And she says that she tries having her cell phone off every now and then in a day. That’s cool. And that’s too little…
Off-line is good! Long live off-line!

That kind of saturation with media led me to make this white, fluffy, relaxing work for WAG Gallery: