I own the room in Dubai. No, I own whole Dubai. Yes, it is only at appear.in website, but still…I can receive or kick out guests, lock the room, etc. While I keep the place open, visitors can see their host, myself, as reflection in the mirrors at Zayed University as a background. When it is locked, they still try to enter, requesting the entry key. But there is nothing there, the room is hollow as the city itself. I like to posses ‘Dubai’. Appear.in policy is that till you keep room open most of the time, all is OK. So, I own Dubai…

There is a very particular background picture, and there is a sign on my webcam: this is an art project. But people are just not noticing that. Let’s hope I will never witness some criminal deal or similar…

//Need to rethink this project completely. People are just assuming that they are alone in room, to the point that is annoying…//

pass: vimeo
alone, together: i & myself
pass: vimeo
strange guests, after 1 min i kicked them out.