Few months ago I took a deeper research of constructing the variety of digital brushes, which play with material, lights, depth and angles. Then while VJing at Wanderlust in Paris, I made few short interference-turned-to-impressionism movies. That is how the series ‘Watching TV in Paris’ begun. With Chopin, Bach, Debussy and Ravel music in the background, they have quite meditative effect. Glitched TV images are becoming landscapes full of lavender, poppies, grass, some in the dawn, other in the sunset. Landscapes are blurry and misty, full of impressionist atmosphere. At the beginning, brush strokes are visible, and later, as the scene developes, they are still there, but semi-hidden between colours and shapes. In relaxing mood, our gaze just wanders, and slowly and insensibly completely different image emerges in front of our eyes.