Events International Presentation Workshop 12:05 PM at 12:05 PM
Savska cesta 25 & Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb, Croatia

Presentation / Hacklab01, AKC Medika
19. April, 20012, at 8 pm

In the spaces of Hacklab01, German artist Ralf Schreiber,
will have informal presentation of his work and his
self-made sound devices and mini robots.
Feel free to join us there!

Ralf Schreiber works with minimal electronic circuits, solar-panels, motors and little speakers. His experimental and playful works generate soft sounds and tiny movements. At the centre of his work there is long time project Living Particles, autonomous audio-kinetic installations in always new constellations of solar powered, inter-acting mini-robot modules. He finished his Master’s studies at the Münster College of Art and pursued postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. He has exhibited in several galleries and international media arts festivals.


Workshop / I_MM lab, SC
20.-22. April, 2012

“Electronic creatures”
(self-willed, autonomous and analog electronic)

People are used to vitalize the world around them and put the
attributes of human beings into technical artifacts. It is fascinating
to watch or even “communicate” with “life like” machines. The simplest
way to create and build “life like” machines or robots is by the use
of analogue oscillator circuits. Oscillations can be fed-back and as
result simple interactions happen and the behaviour of simple neuronal
networks can be simulated. In this workshop the participants can build
various simple “life like” machine, which will generate small
movements or tiny and various sound patterns, that allude to birds or
insect sounds. Furthermore the participants become familiar with the
special aesthetic of minimal powered high sensitive electronic

day 1 / friday April 20th
17h – 20 h
introduction basic electronic + technics, diy- resistors ,-
capacitors ,-boards
oscillator circuits, feedback systems, simple unstable synthesizer,
-> simple singing solar robot

day 2 / Saturday April 21st
12h – 18h
introduction autonomous machines, experiments with oscillator circuits
(simple movement and rhythm)
-> simple autonomous solar robot

day 3 / Sunday April 22nd
13h – 19h
micro-core pattern generator circuit, chaotic rhythm/beat machines,
“walking mechanics”
-> complex walking robot


All posts for the workshop are curently filled.


Final presentation of the outcomes from workshop in the form of the
sound and visual performance will be on Sunday 22nd, April 2012,
8 pm, at MM, SC, Savska 25.
Entry – free.