All Event Events Exhibition International Presentation 07:00 PM at 07:00 PM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

Series of net artworks from Rhizome database presented at Hacklab01
~image from Soon-Yoon Jung’s work~

The Element

Looking for a place
where we might turn off
the inner dialogue,
the monologue of futures & regrets,
of past not past enough
& futures that may never come
to pass

– Erica Jong

Reginald Brooks, Marco Cadioli, Michael Demers, Soon-Yoon Jung


Black Spring

One must act as if the next
step were the last, which it is.
Each step forward is the last, and
with it a world dies, oneself included.
We are here of the earth never to end,
the past never ceasing, the future never
beginning, the present never ending.

– Henry Miller

Michael Atavar, Lucas Kuzma, Tom R Chambers, jimpunk