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Razno Event Trenutno Presentation 07:00 PM at 07:00 PM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

HERE, at ART 836 / G Gallery Opening 22nd March, 2016 at 9pm Exhibition will be on till 8th April, 2016, Tuesday to Saturday, from 6 pm to 10 pm. London-based artists Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead originally conceived Here in 2011 as a virtual image for The Mini Museum of XXI Century Arts, an […]

Razno Event Trenutno Exhibition International Presentation 07:00 PM at 07:00 PM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

Series of net artworks from Rhizome database presented at Hacklab01 ~image from Soon-Yoon Jung’s work~ The Element Looking for a place where we might turn off the inner dialogue, the monologue of futures & regrets, of past not past enough & futures that may never come to pass – Erica Jong artists: Reginald Brooks, Marco […]

Razno Event Trenutno Presentation 12:00 PM at 12:00 PM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

  15.11.2014 at Hacklab01, Pierottijeva11, Zagreb Upgrade! Zagreb will present the project Anticancer garden. Anticancer garden is an interdisciplinary pilot project, which rests on three existing project. The first project is the work of Professor. Zeljko Sobotka, the founder of the Natural History Society herb, another project is an online database of doctor from India, […]

Razno Event Trenutno Presentation 07:00 PM at 07:00 PM
Pierottijeva ulica 11, Zagreb

12.11.2014 at 7 pm, HACKLAB01, AKC Medika, Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb Martina Mezak will have informal presentation of her artistic work, with special presentation of installation Urania, which was exhibited this year atj Ars Electronicia inLinz, . Martina Mezak ce odrzati neformalnu prezentaciju svog umjetnickog rada, s naglaskom na instalaciju Urania, koja je bila izlozena na […]

Razno Event Trenutno Workshop 02:00 AM at 02:00 AM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

  Second workshop filming with drone will be held on Monday and Tuesday, 10th and 11th Nov 2014, with start at 2 pm. Starting location is outdoor playground of V highschool, Klaiceva. Applications at wowm at wowm dot org. Druga po redu radionica-snimalica u sklopu Upgrade!Zagreb odrzat ce se u ponedjeljak i utorak, 10. i 11. studenog 2014, s […]

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Razno Event International

    LUDBREG – Centrum Mundi Or Europe as canvas of concentric circles painted by connecting artists and their settings Collaborative Artistic Project funded by European Cultural Foundation By CSDVA – Croatia Artenativa – Croatia Kanonmedia – Austria Line – Initiative and Movement – FYR Macedonia In this project, the involved organizations from Croatia, Macedonia […]