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Category Archives: International

Category Archives: International

Razno Event Trenutno Exhibition International Presentation 07:00 at 07:00
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

Series of net artworks from Rhizome database presented at Hacklab01 ~image from Soon-Yoon Jung’s work~ The Element Looking for a place where we might turn off the inner dialogue, the monologue of futures & regrets, of past not past enough & futures that may never come to pass – Erica Jong artists: Reginald Brooks, Marco […]

Trenutno International Presentation Workshop 12:05 at 12:05
Savska cesta 25 & Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb, Croatia

Prezentacija / Hacklab01, AKC Medika 19. travanj 20012, u 20 sati U prostorijama Hacklaba01, njemački umjetnik Ralf Schreiber, održat će informalnu prezentaciju svog rada sa solarnom mini robotikom i DIY zvučnim uređajima. Pozvani ste da nam se pridružite! Njemački medijski umjetnik i haker Ralf Screiber radi sa minimalnim elektroničkim sklopovima, solarnim panelima, motorima i zvučnicima. […]

Razno Trenutno International Podcast Upcoming events 06:51 at 06:51
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb, Croatia

On November 11, 2011, Hacklab01 in Zagreb is joining Real Life locations which are participating in the 11:11:11! 11:11:11 = 5 time zones, 12 shows, 24 hours, 34 artists! From 11am on 11/11/11 New Zealand time until 11pm on 11/11/11 European time, an exciting selection of cyberformance will be presented at the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival. […]

Razno Event International

    LUDBREG – Centrum Mundi Or Europe as canvas of concentric circles painted by connecting artists and their settings Collaborative Artistic Project funded by European Cultural Foundation By CSDVA – Croatia Artenativa – Croatia Kanonmedia – Austria Line – Initiative and Movement – FYR Macedonia In this project, the involved organizations from Croatia, Macedonia […]

Razno Trenutno International 01:40 at 01:40

Upgrade! International je pozvan da sudjeluje na Wintecamp-u, http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/wintercamp/ , koji organizira Institute of Network Cultures, a koji će se održati od 3. do 7. ožujka 2009 u Amsterdamu. Upgrade!Zagreb će sudjelovati kao član Upgrade!International mreže. Ostale mreže sudionice su: Blender Foundation, Bricolabs, Dyne.org, Edufactory, Floss Manuals, freeDimensional network, Genderchangers, MyCreativity i Planetart.