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19.8.2014 at 7 pm, HACKLAB01, AKC Medika, Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

Presentation of the world smallest supercomputer / My name is Ivan and I build supercomputers in my spare time

Join us at Hacklab 01 for an interesting Upgrade!Zagreb gathering. We will present Parallella board and play a bit with it. Presenters will be Vedran Gligo and Ivan Krpan.

The Parallella platform is an open source, energy efficient, high performance, credit-card sized computer based on the Epiphany multicore chips developed by Adapteva. This affordable platform is designed for developing and implementing high performance, parallel processing applications developed to take advantage of the on-board Epiphany chip. The Epiphany 16 or 64 core chips consists of a scalable array of simple RISC processors programmable in C/C++ connected together with a fast on chip network within a single shared memory architecture.

The 66-core version of the Parallella computer delivers over 90 GFLOPS on a board the size of a credit card while consuming only 5 Watts under typical work loads. For certain applications, this would provide more raw performance than a high end server costing thousands of dollars and consuming 400W.

When Adapteva launched “$99 Parallella project” on  Kickstarter in 2012, the goal was to “democratize access to supercomputing”. With a $99 price point, they knew that they would not make a profit, but they figured the value of reaching the whole world with our technology was enough of a reward for Adapteva as a company. With over 8,500 boards shipped to 75 countries (and over 150 Universities), that is for certain a great start!

During presentation, we will show how to mount OS and few interesting applications for Parallella. Free entrance!

All Events 02:00 PM at 02:00 PM
Savska 18, Zagreb

First presentation of the project ACGarden Zagreb will be on 21st and 22nd May, 2014, at Technical Museum, Savska 18, Zagreb.
More (Croatian only):


knitter1first phase


16. July 2013, 7pm at HACKLAB01,

Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb:

hacking, coding, showing, talking, experimenting,
listening, trying, jamming, fun,…

All Events 07:00 PM at 07:00 PM
Booksa, Martićeva 14d, Zagreb

Alexandra Reill – Presentation of the book written entirely on FB platform:

7th june 2013 at 7 pm at Booksa book club, Martićeva 14d, Zagreb

“WB: quoting Walter Benjamin”

A print compilation and real-time performance reflecting the contemporary relevance of the media theorist and philosopher Walter Benjamin. 
The structure of facebook as a social networking tool and magazine with decentralized notes, essays and media publications, in a mixture of private and public statements coming from all kinds of content fields, enhanced the concept of short daily updating and interactive communication to collectively create an associative publication on life and oeuvre of Walter Benjamin.
 The book serves as the central requisite of the audiovisual real-time performance. People raise their voice as well as media stations, and there is an interplay between media and human voices. In a mixture of reading, discussion and interactive performance correlations between relevant factors and opportunities for development of democracy in the context of the 
information age, globalization, Capitalism and Marxism are reflected together – on the basis of the work of Walter Benjamin. Wo/man learns options and limits of self-determination, options and limits of scopes of action. Technology serves wo/man, and only a framework, only a context is given, in which each moment is designed differently – a moment which Walter
 Benjamin described as the Angelus Novus: the space where past and future coincide and where not ideas shape presence but where presence emerges.

More info on:

In the years 2010-2012, Alexandra Reill developed a trilogy of interactive media enactmens reflecting the contemporary relevance of life and oeuvre of Walter Benjamin, Hans Richter and Bertolt Brecht in an information age digitizing itself in manifold ways and at the same time struggling with turbulent economic difficulties. Besides Tribute to WB, Alexandra Reill will present also two more pieces from her interactive trilogy: Tribute to Hans Richter and Blessed Simonida.

Alexandra Reill, born in Vienna, is a conceptual and media artist and works as a filmmaker in documentary film; she invests her work with socio-cultural themes, examining the societal and sociological repercussions of digitalization and the information age for human identities. Her experimental visual worlds and live compositions as much as her performances are often participative and characterized by rhythmic and cineastic dramaturgies and the conscious employment of associative formal language, combining interactive technologies and participative communicational approaches in off- and online

Selection of projects:

2008 / 2012 / 2013 – Nelkengasse: a documentary film and portrait of Heinz
Moldau who was forced to flee with his family from Nelkengasse in Vienna in 1938.

2012 – Tribute to Hans Richter: interactive real-time media performance
honouring life and work of one of the first filmmakers.

2012 Blessed Simonida from the Brilliant Grounds: interactive real-time performance, following Brecht’s Saint Joan of the Stockyards.

2009-2010 / 2011 – #WB: quoting Walter Benjamin: publication and participative media performance reflecting the relevance of the media theorist and philosopher Walter Benjamin today.

2008 / 2009 / 2010 – Would We Say No?: communication project in the streets of Vienna reflecting attitudes toward work in fascist times and today.

2008 Home Sweet Home: documentary film on [auto]biographic tracking of fascist traces in four post-war generations of a “majority society” in Vienna.

2006-2008 – Art Following the Trend? Artists′ Voices: interviews, publication and a study on the functions of artists in society.

2004 – founding of THARA, first competence center for Roma and
Sinti in Vienna. Several experimental short films and interactive installations on time and space.

2001 – S.P.I.N.Y., an interactive feature film on CD, first production of this kind funded by MEDIA in Austria.

2000-2003 – save / safe: post-wiki and publication on borderlining as a
symptom of contemporary conditioning, Deserts & Backbones: documentary film on religion and free will.

1985-1995 set and costume design for stage and film.

All Events Presentation 08:00 PM at 08:00 PM
MaMa, Preradoviceva 18, Zagreb

Presentation / net club mama, Preradovićeva 18
16. May, 20013, at 8 pm.

In the spaces of net club mama, Croatian artist I.M.Klif,
will have informal presentation of his work and his
newest innovative and sublimely beautiful installations.

You are invited to join us there!

I.M. Klif is one of the most recognisable and most interesting names of the Croatian new media art scene. His continuous artistic work on the “borders of genres”, his questioning of possibilities offered by media, as well as his open approach ensured him a prominent place in contemporary visual arts. He has been dealing for many years now with explorations of the relationships between sound and image and their manipulation.

All Events 11:57 AM at 11:57 AM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb, Croatia

This year again Upgrade! Zagreb in cooperation with Hacklab01 maintains the traditional Xmass Recycling Party: a little learning and a lot of goodwill and fun! If you do not know what to give to your loved ones for Christmas, come and create an original item of pvc bags, scrap metal and wood. The workshop will be held by Hacklab01 members, with the online radio broadcast as sound background. There will be video presentation of the most successful eco DIY projects in 2012, selected by the med-i-kids curators. After that, surprise concert. Join us, free entry! To apply for the workshop, e-mail to: medikids at wowm dot org. See you there!

All Events 09:55 AM at 09:55 AM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb, Croatia

Step into a world where you can experience 36 unique performances from around the world, all from the comfort of our homey lab. Hacklab01 is this year again joining places around the world which are streaming the event in real time. Our stream will start on Dec 12 at 6.30 pm. Join us!

More than 100 artists have produced works for the 121212 Upstage Festival of Cyberformance – an international festival of innovative live online performance from 5-12 December. The schedule for the festival performances which we will stream is here:

The annual festival, now in its sixth year, is organised by artists Vicki Smith and Helen Varley Jamieson, with a team of dedicated volunteers in New Zealand and around the world-online meetings of the team cross multiple timezones and languages.

Complete schedule can be found here:

All Events Presentation 09:01 AM at 09:01 AM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb, Croatia

Deborah Hustic aka body pixel – artist, blogger, web dreamer working with high tech and low tech. Runs a solo project Body Pixel Studio for wearables, DIY and hacking toys, and for curating, workshops, lectures, production – Textil{e}

From June, 2011 Programme Coordinator / Organizer for the newly established Media lab I’MM_ in Zagreb.

Graduated Comparative Literature and Ethnology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science – University Zagreb. Trained in graphic design; workshops in the fields of photography, dance, computer arts, semantic web, podcasts, textile arts, dance criticism, wearable technology, new media performance, Arduino, electronics, biohacking, etc.

Hooked up to interactive performance and motion, wearable technology and the usage of new media art in performative context, DIY and free culture movement.

Participated as a workshop lecturer (covering topics of blogging and networking tools for artists and cultural professionals) on few festivals & conferences. Did some web consultancy for social media related topics within art & cultural sector. Makes a living by working as an editor on  a portal for  arts and culture since 2005. Lives and works in Zagreb (Croatia).

Body Pixel has been selected for the final presentation (15 projects) in the category Creativity and Social Media, among 600 competitors, 1000 entries at the largest technology event in the world in the areas of Innovation, Creativity, Science and Digital Entertainment – the Campus Party 2011 in Granada, Spain.

All Events 03:15 PM at 03:15 PM
Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb, Croatia

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created by the pseudonymous entity Satoshi Nakamoto. It is subdivided into 100-million smaller units called satoshis. It is the most widely used alternative currency,with the total money supply valued at over 100 million US dollars.

Bitcoin has no central issuer; instead, the peer-to-peer network regulates Bitcoins’ balances, transactions and issuance according to consensus in network software. Bitcoins are issued to various nodes that verify transactions through computing power; it is established that there will be a limited and scheduled release of no more than 21 million coins, which will be fully issued by the year 2140.
Bitcoin is administered through a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Cryptographic technologies and the peer-to-peer network of computing power enables users to make and verify irreversible, instant online Bitcoin payments, without an obligation to trust and use centralized banking institutions and authorities. Dispute resolution services are not made directly available. Instead it is left to the users to verify and trust the parties they are sending money to through their choice of methods. Internationally, Bitcoins can be exchanged and managed through various websites and software along with physical banknotes and coins.

How to be a part of an alternative independent financial network, how to be an international bank with the help of graphic card, how to make some money, and how to change the world? All that you can find out at the Vjekoslav’s lecture about crypto currency and Bitcoin technology.

Vjekoslav Radišić –  Born in 1978. Lives and works in Beli Manastir. Activist, entrepreneur and dog owner.
Besides participating in different citizens initiatives, he researches new technologies which are empowering human freedom, as are crypto-currencies and DIY 3d printing. He also practicises and believes in learning through coaching.

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