Almost silence

Almost silence is sound spectrum which gets its visual byte arrays from two sources. First one is the most unbelievable noise collected at Statue Square, Hong Kong on Sunday mornings, when Filipino maids gather togheter on their morning off. The numbers of them and noise are quite phenomenal. Noise is sometimes so 'high' that in sound equalizer it draws almost the flat line, on other end of normal hearing range. Second one is sound recorded on Mediterranean island Vis, silence, flipping the pages of the book, cicadas, waves in distance, windů Those sounds interweave by user's mouse dynamics on screen. Upper part of the interface is black, noisy, heavy, and the lower part is white, light, more agreeable to ear. But sometimes even if you are hidden in a bath tub, there is that inevitable noise. It's very hard to find the silence...
maya kalogera
softwares: flash 9.0 public alpha, soundbooth beta
programming: maya kalogera, based on AS 3.0 equalizer by t.dibert
sound: maya kalogera, DJ Ru