Rothko Generator Project – solo show at Gallery SC, Zagreb, 2007
Rothko generator – # untitled till infinity is software/installation which deals with the proliferation, overload and recycling of electronic pictorial waste, incorporating it into CG images based on Rothko’s work.
RGP collects and stores pictorial data from the internet, alternates and reuses it to substitute pixels inside of CG images based on Rothko’s work. The Rothko Generator Project has two main components, an image processing installation, which consists of a PC running a custom made software and a video installation, both displayed in the gallery space of the project. In the gallery, video projections invite the viewers to come closer and get immersed. Streaming images are the final product of the software, and they strongly capture the esthetics of Mark Rothko’s work. That is certain formal qualities of Rothko’s work are replicated using a different material medium. Most images look as if they indeed were from Rothko’s own stroke and gesture, and some images recreate the texture, color saturations, hues and shading of the artist’s work.
Collaborators programmers: Marijana Janicic, Boris Raovic.

RG v2, AI model, 2019, more soon, just bits for now, too excited how it develops…